School of Arts & Sciences

School of Arts & Sciences

The School of Arts & Sciences (SAS) has various programs such as Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Sciences Major in Fitness and Sports Management or BSESS-FSM and Bachelor of Science in Psychology or BS Psychology.

The SAS also services other school’s general education courses including, but not limited to, humanities, languages, social and natural sciences, and institutional courses.


Treston International College - School of Arts and Sciences develops well-rounded, internationally recognized and service-oriented professionals who are ethical and excellent leaders in the field of arts and sciences. The school develops its students into becoming professionals who are equipped not only with the scientific, technical, and practical skill set necessary to their art and science practice, but also to the ethical, leadership, and international aspects of practicing their profession through comprehensive partnerships, linkages, and programs with different organizations and institutions.

Program Offerings

The three-year BS Psychology degree program will train students and equip them with skills that will be valuable in the field of private and public psychological practice. Graduates of the program will be able to aid in the emerging demands for mental health practitioners, researchers, teachers, and human resource practitioners, using a different brand of education and employing the values they have learned from the institution. It is a three-year degree program intended to equip students with progressive skills to produce ethical professionals with an extensive knowledge in applied research, human behavior, and mental processes.

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The BSESS-FSM program is a three-year program designed to produce competent, reliable, and ethical fitness and sports professionals who will be significant contributors to the private and public sectors.

Students are produced to be well-adept and knowledgeable in applied exercise and sports management particularly, fitness and sports coaching, management of fitness and sports programs, and exercise prescription in various sports settings and facilities. It aims to prepare future fitness and sports managers and professionals for the role of directing fitness centers and sports organizations, by emphasizing industry-specific management and planning capacities. The program is aimed for the management and direction of fitness centers, sports organizations, public and private institutions and facilities, as well as the design, leadership, and development of sports events of any nature or size.

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SAS (Program Offerings)

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the School of Arts and Sciences programs can advance their careers in the international fields of:

Psychology (alternative)

BS in Psychology

Psychology graduates are prepared to specialize in various fields such as teaching, research, human resource, law, and medicine, to become registered psychometricians, registered psychologists, among many others. Graduates may also pursue further studies and specializations in Psychology to have careers in clinical psychology, counseling, developmental psychology, educational psychology, social psychology, industrial or organizational psychology, and more.

Graduates of the BS Psychology program can advance their careers in various international fields:

  • Industry Professionals
  • Human Resource Management
  • Research and Organizational Development
  • Clinical Psychology / Medicine
  • Education and Counseling
  • Non-Government Organization Work
  • Social and Occupational Psychology
  • Neuropsychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Guidance Counseling
  • Mental Health Counseling
Sports Science

BSESS major in Sports and Fitness Management

Exercise and Sports Sciences graduates are prepared to specialize in various fields such as sports and fitness coaching, sports and fitness education, sports and fitness management, sports and fitness facilities management, event organizing and management, sports and fitness media production, among many others.

  • Athletic Directorship and Sports Directorship
  • Fitness and Recreation
  • Fitness, Sports, and Recreation Entrepreneurs
  • Sports, Fitness, and Wellness Facilities Management
  • Sports, Fitness, and Recreational Events Management
  • Sports and Fitness Program Supervision
  • Sports Tourism
  • Sports and Fitness Coaching
  • Sports and Fitness Marketing Management

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